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+61 7 3848 8002

6a/125 Beaudesert Road, Moorooka, Queensland 4105


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    Ebrahim Kheriwala
    This is a Scam Dentist. They jack up their prices and then provide a discount, but what you pay is the original price. I went here for a checkup and clean and they charged me $170 after cover 15% discount.
    I called the next day as a new patient they told me it is "$170" for checkup and clean without any insurance. Such a scam.
    I called again as the patient and asked what the original cost of my checkup and clean was, they said "$190" and gave me $20 discount. Liar.
    I had call recordings for both conversation as proof.
    I had a complained to to expose their scam. I have attached proof of my receipt. I have also made a complaint with QLD Health about this practice. They need to be shut down immediately
    Avoid this dentist at all cost.
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